Defensive End!    

(Remember, if you purchased the complete option from our website, and not just the e-Guide, then you will receive a shipment from our distributor of the product you will need to use in 3 - 5 business days)

This is an instructional video of how to best apply the product we send you to get rid of bed bugs, which is the same type of product as our prototype. However, our prototype is currently off the market due to EPA regulations and the industry monopoly on this type of product for legal pesticide use.

We also do things this way because almost all governments do not allow this type of product to enter their country from the outside though every one of its kind is basically the same, safe, and effective- and thus the reason why we send you essentially the same product from one of our partners in/from your own country.

Video Proof that this Product Eliminates Bed Bugs!

This Stuff Kills Pretty Much All Bugs! Keep Your Remaining Product On Hand for Dealing with Future Pests!!

Important Things to Remember!!!

Good Luck! I prefer all emails to be sent to my personal email at for any questions, as you are most likely to get a response in a day or 2.

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1. Before you apply the product, clean your entire apartment/house as if you were facing a military inspection. This will ensure you tidy up and de-clutter so that bed bugs will not have places to hide.

2. It's okay to leave the product in place for 3 weeks or more, because as long as it remains dry, it will be an effective preventative barrier to bed bugs, and all bugs as well.

3. When you want to remove the product, wipe the majority of it up with a wet cloth or towel first. Vacuum last! Do not vacuum the majority of the product up to remove it, as this could put a lot of unnecessary strain on your vacuum cleaner!

4. This type of product is 100% natural, safe, and effective. It will potentially save you 100's to 1,000's of dollars off an exterminator, as well as save you from exposure to harmful chemicals. Just don't directly inhale or breathe it in, and you should be fine. Remember, you likely paid around or under $100 for a natural, safe solution that exterminators don't want you to have access to, existing companies which are 100 years old do absolutely zero marketing for to help you find, and the government- all governments around the world- will simply not make you aware of to have a great, safe, and affordable solution and starting point for getting rid of bed bugs. 

On a personal note... Bed bugs don't keep me up at night, but the ridiculous state of the economy and governmental regulation, crony capitalism, and the fact there's people out there losing massive amounts of money on dangerous chemical treatments that may not work and greedy, lazy exterminators- does!