How Bad is Your Bed Bug Infestation?

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Your health is the #1 Priority. Please do not allow any chemical pesticide treatments without first reading what happened to one family on vacation that left 3 family members in a coma from dangerous pesticide poisoning.

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Defensive End! only sends you a product that meet the aims and guidelines of the Draft on Federal Bed Bug Strategy of 2013 prepared by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in forming an Integrated Pest Management strategy.

The Defensive End! system comes with a link to easy-to-follow video instructions that work every time, and provide relief and freedom from a bedbug infestation within weeks- even days! 

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Defensive End! really is the all-awaited effective system for dealing with bed bugs effectively and safely. Defensive End! is the answer to the question of how to get rid of bed bugs for good, fast, and by yourself- without an expensive bed bug exterminator

And not only are we effective at stopping your current bed bug infestation, but we're going to show you how to prevent future infestations, and show you how to use it to get rid of more than just bed bugs too!

Defensive End! is a solution that kills the bed bugs once they come into contact with it. More importantly, the ingredients have no negative side effects and it's odorless. On top of that, it could save you 100's or 1,000's of dollar from multiple treatments by expensive bed bug exterminators, is very easy to use and is safe for kids and pets.

Bed Bugs Signs & Symptoms

The real cause of a full-blown infestation in any home is that most people are not aware of bed bugs. The reason for this is because bed bug bites are usually painless. Also, if allergic reactions or itchiness might occur, it usually happens a few weeks after the bite.

Then, most of the time, people just blame mosquitoes or fleas. This gives bed bugs ample time to feed and reproduce; and before you know it, a house becomes fully infested.

What Are Bed Bugs?

* Parasites - bed bugs are classified as parasites, specifically warm blood feeding. This means they are specifically feeding off from warm-blooded creatures like humans and furry pets. 

* Nocturnal - bed bugs are nocturnal, which means they are most active during the night. This means that when you are sleeping comfortably in your bed during the night, they are feeding off of you.

* Furniture-dwelling - if you are thinking that bed bugs only infest beds, then you are mistaken. In fact, they infest all kinds of furniture within your home such as cribs, sofas and beds. Bed bugs may be hiding at the movie theater, hospital waiting room, on the train or the bus- even at your own workplace.

* Health Hazard - bed bugs not only feed off of you and your family, but they cause multiple bites which cause irritation and itching. The real danger is when you or one of your family members is allergic to bed bugs. Keep in mind that while unlikely, some allergic reactions may be fatal if immediate necessary medical attention is not given.

* Hard To See - bed bugs are so small that it’s difficult for the normal human eye to see them. They may be minute in size, but there is nothing small to them when it comes to the health hazards they can cause. 

* Hard To Kill - bed bugs are resilient creatures. Without the proper tools or cleaning agents, these nasty little creatures can survive for years within your bed. In fact, these pests are able to stay alive for 12 months without feeding.

If you are not exactly alarmed by the idea of bed bugs infesting your bed, then you probably have never experienced the havoc they can wreak firsthand. Below we've included vital information about bed bugs for you.
The National Pest Management Association released a report saying that less than 7% of housing units from apartment to residential homes in the United States are immune from an infestation of bed bugs. 
Not a lot of people know that bed bugs are everywhere. In fact, while relatively absent up until the turn of the century, bed bugs have built a tolerance and resistance to nearly all pesticides, reproducing and spreading at an alarming rate, infesting apartments, houses, and even mansions.

If you see a bed bug, then chances are good that there are more creeping and crawling nearby. Governments are starting to recognize the scope of the problem as well.
Are You Doing Something To Protect Yourself And Family From Bed Bugs? 

Defensive End! The Only Super-Strength 100% Effective, Safer® Remedy for Bed Bugs

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The End to ALL ​Bed Bugs

Defensive End! A Best Kept Secret You Won't Want to Keep

* Safe - there are other bed bug solutions out there that may have to resort to harsh chemicals in order to deal with bed bugs effectively. This is what makes the Defensive End! system a better choice as all of the ingredients from our partners and suppliers are natural. On top of that, we're so effective that you'll see result in a matter of days.

* Works Instantly - other bed bug solutions may need some installation or mixing, which can be a cause for inconvenience. Defensive End! is a truly revolutionary bed bug solution as you simply need to take the EPA approved product out of the box that we send you, apply it in a strategic location according to our easy-to-follow video instructions link and it works instantly in killing bed bugs and bed bug eggs, and protecting your family from dangers of a full blown infestation.

* Clinically Researched - Defensive End! is not just full of claims with nothing to show for. It's a complete system and solution. Beyond the countless positive testimonials from actual users, the Defensive End! approach is backed by numerous entomology reports and clinical research and tests. Most of which, reports that Defensive End! provides the best bed bug killer to consumers that work to get rid of nasty biting bedbugs.

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A Local Solution: From the Source

Are You Ready to Say Good Night to Bed Bug Bites?

Did You Know?

Even some plant-based insecticides like Pyrethrin have been associated with developmental effects in children.

In 2013 the EPA held the first ever Federal Conference on Bed Bugs

Protecting yourself and your family from bed bugs has never been easier. All you have to do is follow the instructions below:

* Step 1: Order Today! - first, you must order. Don't worry, the ordering process is very simple and straightforward.

* Step 2: Follow the Instructions Exactly - once your very own unstoppable all-natural pest control solution arrives, simply open it. You'll find very easy to follow instructions on how to use this terrific bed bug solution. Also, in the order tracking emails sent to you there will be a link to a video that shows you exactly how to use the product.

* Step 3: Be Protected - after you have used the Defensive End! method, there is nothing more to do but enjoy a good night's rest with a peace of mind that your family is fully protected from bed bugs. 

What makes Defensive End! So Special?

With this knowledge, could you sleep comfortably at night, knowing that the bed you are sleeping could already be infested or has a high chance of getting infested by bed bugs? If you've seen one, you might see 100 more by morning.

Defensive End! the Last Word on Bed Bug Annihilation

Thankfully, we offer the perfect bed bug treatment solution. We only believe in people using safe and effective, natural ingredients and solutions. We make it very easy to order and use with no surprise billing or corporate tax evasion strategies all too common these days with companies in the US.

We send you a bed bug product made in the United States, your home country, or surrounding area with a focus on protecting and empowering people and communities. 

We don't claim to offer the cheapest bed bug removal service out there. We simply claim to know, as a registered EPA company ourselves, what are the actual best type of natural, effective, and safe bed bug killers on the market. The government and media are not going to tell you! Frankly, they don't care.

how to get rid of bed bugs for free

What you get in every order with Defensive End!

*The best and purest all-natural 100% safe top pesticide-grade freshwater amorphous silica based solution registered and inspected by the EPA. I traveled the entire Western US to find the richest bio available freshwater source made here in America, and we only go with the best. 

*Fastest shipping available, everything is automated and taken care of so you can rest easy knowing only the best bed bug solution is already on its way... we have gotten orders to customers in less than 24 hours though it usually takes a few days- because we ship from your continent!

*Discreet packaging, most orders ship from Amazon LLC disguised as a "gift" so no one will know you have a bed bug problem... kill all the bed bugs in secret so your neighbors don't have to know

*Immediate access easy to follow quick video instructions and results video of our experiment with eradicating real bed bugs (so you know it works!), making it the solution that is easy to understand, use, and will solve all your bug problems for the rest of your life

*FREE e-guide that helps you understand justwhy this type of product WORKS!

Protecting yourself, family and kids from bed bugs with a natural, organic solution that has no harmful chemicals or toxic residues is finally possible without having to sacrifice treatment effectiveness or results. Surprisingly, the best bed bug killer is actually a natural solution, and relatively unknown- until now.

Defensive End!    

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